Cult! - ongoing research

︎︎︎CULT! questions why, in contemporary society, more and more people gather around groups with a strong identity and unity, based on specific codes of norms and structures. Political supporters, football fans, online communities…What are the motivations and feelings of these individuals who actually find direction inside a group of people with whom they share a common belief or ideal? As it appears to me that these groups are slowly replacing the role of religion in the past, establishing a new opportunity to build a sense of community and identity, I wonder if there is still space to explore pluralism and diversity among their members. Does the identity of the individual surrender to the main image of the group? Or is the group itself that conforms to the members’ image and likeness?

“CULT! A dive into mild water” – 2020, full HD video with sound, 8’

“CULT!- 2020, photo prints 33 x 45 cm -

“CULT! The Flag”; 2020, visual and sound installation, hand-embroidered flag 3x3m