Roundabout Love, Roundabout Tehran 

︎︎︎“There is a traditional Persian proverb that says: Imagine yourself on the roof of your house and try not to fall down. You'll see that the harder you try to not fall from one side, the easier it will be to fall from the other"
Ten years ago in Iran, it wasn’t accepted at all to have a relationship or a girlfriend. Nowadays, it is the exact opposite: we are falling from the opposite side”. During my visit in Iran, I asked some kids to talk about love, sex, and relationships. The memory of their witnesses remains vague and confused. But what actually continues to linger in my mind is the sound of the traffic in the city and the cars running along. Cars are not just vehicles anymore: they are now loyal holders of the hidden, secret things that happen inside.

“Roundabout Love”, 2017, full HD video with sound, 8’04”