Further than Hip Hop

Further Than Hip Hop – 2020, trailer of full HD video with sound, 20’ -

︎︎︎‘Further than Hip Hop’ (2020) emerged from her inquiry into how several communities in The Netherlands are affected by Dutch colonial history. The work draws a parallel between the word of colonial missionaries of the past and the words of rappers and spoken-word-artists in contemporary Rotterdam. In the film, Neusa Gomes, Kevin Josias, Adeiye Tjon and Rik Zutphen recite texts they wrote in response to a series of conversations Xausa initiated. In carefully chosen words and deliberate tone of voice, they address the lack of a sense of belonging, or the firsthand experience of racism. They voice anger and barely concealed contempt, as well as contemplation. Above all, pain is made palpable. Their critical voices indicate that multiculturalism may mean cultural plurality, but not necessarily togetherness. A shared frame of reference is still lacking. - text by Mariska van den Berg