︎︎︎In 2023, I was invited for a two-month residency in Dresden. I involved a group of students from the Art Academy in an exploration of monuments and architectural wonders throughout the urban landscape. Some of these representations serve as poignant reminders of a painful past, whose echoes continue to resonate in the present. My objective was to create fresh narratives that could challenge the established narratives of power within the city. In collaboration with the students, we embarked on journeys to these monuments, trying to detach from their original meanings. Together, we wove new narratives inspired by our collected footage, personal stories, and the subtle visual elements strewn throughout the city. From this collaboration, AMANDA emerged as my personal outcome—a family story shared by a friend. It stands as a testament to our collective efforts to resist the weight of Dresden's occupied past, offering a glimpse into the resilience of human narratives resisting historical adversity.

“Amanda”- 2023, full HD video with sound, 4’25’’