Nowhere, Now Here

︎︎︎Would you recognize something sacred if you saw it in the news? As Umberto Eco explained in many essays, visions and apparitions are always influenced by our cultural visual background and the recognition of sacred icons often refers to archetypes. As in Western countries, Holy Mary is often portrayed recalling the archetype of the mother- with-a-child, my project questions the way we approach and interpret the news and explores the possibility to find something sacred where there seems to be not. If we recognize a mother with a child as a sacred Icon, why don't we apply the same process to all those women crossing the borders with their children? Holy Mary is back, and she's a migrant.

“Nowhere, Now Here” – my first vision – , 2017, full HD video with sound, 5’ 

“Nowhere, Now Here”, 2017, 66 pages, book display  

“Nowhere, Now Here”, 2017, Screenprint on emergency blanket