Fi - FU

︎︎︎Fi-Fu is a collaborative project that brought together composer Jasmin Karimova, the Traditional Japanese Trio Hougaku Sannin-musume, the warm-hearted inhabitants of Ureshino, Japan, and a mourning me. This project is an exploration of childhood memories, particularly those linked to the people we have lost along the way. At its core, Fi-Fu is a short film that brings to life the reimagined melodies of Karimova set against a backdrop of an age-old local children's song, an enchanting performance by the Hougaku Sannin-musume trio, and a deeply personal childhood recollection along with a special contribution to my sister Elena in the form of a costume.

The project's genesis involved a unique and enriching workshop, where Karimova and the creator came together with the Ureshino community to share, experiment, and exchange their collective experiences and creative insights. Throughout this journey, the bird emerged as a symbol, representing memory, grief, and above all, love. Fi-Fu is a homage to my sister and her beautiful illustrations, a harmonious blend of music and memory, and a powerful testament to the enduring bonds that connect people across time and life.

‘Fi-Fu’ - 2023, full HD video with sound, 11’30’’